Mashed Potatoes

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Recipe Information

Recipe Created By: Kristin Johnson


2-3 lb potatoes, rinsed, peeled and cubed
1/2 cup chicken or turkey stock*
1/4 cup plain soy or rice milk
1/4 cup safe margarine (optional)
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
diced chives (optional)


In a large saucepan, bring water to a boil, then add potatoes. Boil until tender. Drain water but do not rinse potatoes.

In the hot saucepan, combine cooked potatoes, chicken or turkey stock, milk substitute, and margarine (if using). Beat with immersion blender until no chunks remain. Add salt and pepper, then beat again to combine.

Garnish with diced chives and safe margarine, if desired.


*I use Lynda’s Chicken Broth recipe , but you can also reserve some of the hot water from boiling to use instead, and just add another 1/4 tsp salt.


Butter and Margarine: Butter is a dairy product made from cow’s milk. Margarine typically contains milk or soy, but there are milk-free and soy-free versions available.
Milk and Soy Substitutions: Alternative dairy-free milk beverages and products will work in most recipes. Find out more about milk substitutions and soy substitutions.

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