Amaranth Teething Biscuits

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Recipe Information

# of Servings: 18
Recipe Created By: Brennanpaw


1 cup amaranth flour
1/2 cup arrowroot
3 Tbsp oil
3/8 cup pineapple juice concentrate, thawed
brown sugar (optional)


Combine flour in a bowl. Mix the oil and juice together and stir into the flour.

Knead dough to absorb all the flour and form a very hard dough. Roll out dough to 3/8″ thickness.

Cut into 1″ by 3″ bars and put on lightly oiled baking sheet.

Bake at 300 °F for 35-40 minutes, or until they begin to brown. TURN OFF THE OVEN AND LEAVE THEM IN FOR 1 MORE HOUR. Makes about 1 1/2 dozen teething biscuits.

These are not sweet. If desired, sprinkle some brown sugar on top before baking.

These are hard enough to grasp and hold, yet they dissolve when chewed. They don’t crumble up when packaged.



Gluten: Gluten is a protein found in specific grains (wheat, spelt, kamut, barley, rye). Other grains are naturally gluten-free but may have cross-contact with gluten-containing grains. Look for certified gluten-free products if you need to avoid gluten. Find out more about wheat and gluten substitutions.

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