Breakfast For Dinner Casserole

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Recipe Created By: AmyH


1 30 oz pkg frozen shredded potatoes, thawed (not formed potato patties)
4 Tbsp canola oil
1 1 lb pkg frozen chopped broccoli, thawed
1/2 cup diced onion
1/2 lb turkey bacon, turkey sausage, or other breakfast meat safe for your allergy set
8 large eggs, beaten lightly
1 12 oz pkg Tofutti sour cream or other dairy-free sour cream
1 8 oz pkg Tofutti® Better Than Cream Cheese or other dairy-free cream cheese
1 10 oz pkg Daiya shredded cheese
1/2 tsp Mrs Dash or salt


Pan spray 9×13″ pan.

In large frypan, heat oil. Dump in potatoes, and brown them in sections. As potato shreds brown, set them in the prepared 9×13″ pan. When most of the potatoes are browned and in the casserole dish, add the broccoli and onions to the frying pan and let them cook through another 5 minutes or so. Put all the veggies into the 9×13″ pan with the potatoes and set aside.

If using precooked sausage links, dice. If using raw bacon or sausage, cook the meat in another frying pan and dice the meat. Put diced meat on top of the veggie/potato blend.

In a large bowl, cream the cream cheese. Stir in the beaten eggs, sour cream, and Mrs. Dash. Stir in the shredded cheese. Pour this mixture over the veggie/meat mixture.

Bake at 375 °F for 50-60 minutes or until puffy, lightly browned, and completely done.


I don’t LIKE sausage or meat, but I loved this.

I think adding a little salsa could be an interesting taste.

I use Tofutti sour cream and cream cheese and Daiya cheese.

I’ve made this with turkey bacon, and with Jennie-O link turkey sausage. Annika preferred the bacon. Both Annika and Chloe thought the diced sausage was mushrooms.


If not avoiding dairy, dairy versions of the cream cheese, sour cream and shredded cheese could be used to make this soy and potentially corn free.
Egg Substitutions: There are many egg-free products and foods available to make your recipes free of eggs. Find out more about egg substitutions.
Milk and Soy Substitutions: Alternative dairy-free milk beverages and products will work in most recipes. Find out more about milk substitutions and soy substitutions.

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