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Food Allergy Awareness Kit

Even after learning the basics of managing your child’s food allergies, there are many other important ways to expand your awareness and knowledge of how to safeguard your child’s health. From finding tasty recipes with safe ingredient substitutes to being prepared for and knowing how to treat anaphylaxis, you’re in the right place to gain a deeper understanding of precautions and opportunities for your child. 

Allergy-friendly Recipes

Don’t miss out on thousands of recipes for delicious meals, snacks, beverages, desserts, condiments, and more. A great way to enjoy yummy eats while staying safe.

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Managing Food Allergies at School

Gain greater peace of mind by knowing how to establish an effective partnership and plan with your school or day care around your child’s food allergies.

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Non-Food Rewards for Children with Food Allergies

Learn dozens of strategies involving non-food rewards and incentives at little or no cost that show appreciation for your child’s successes and behavior.

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Avoiding Cross-Contact of Allergens

It’s easy to accidentally or mistakenly allow food with allergens to “contaminate” safe foods. Here are a dozen tips help you minimize these incidents.

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Preventing Food Allergies

Get a better understanding of what might or is unlikely to factor into decreasing the chance that a child will develop food allergies.

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