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Food Allergy Awareness Kit

Social Media Messages

May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month and a great time to educate your family and friends about living with food allergies. We focus on food allergy awareness during the second full week of May.

Our social media tools let you do this quickly and easily. Change your Facebook cover and profile pictures to spread food allergy awareness. We also have easy-to-share messages and infographics.

How to share images:
Click or tap on an image. Save it to your computer or mobile device. For desktop computers, right-click and “save as.” Then share the image on social media. Be sure to tag us!

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Profile Awareness Ribbons:

Shareable Images:

You can download these images and copy the caption to post to social media. We have many shareable images throughout our website. Here are some of our favorites:

Social Media Covers:

Facebook Covers

X (Formerly Twitter) Covers

Countdown to Food Allergy Awareness Month








A teal awareness ribbon with text May 14-20, 2023 is Food Allergy Awareness Week

Become an Advocate

You can help us advocate on this issue and others to help reduce the burden of food allergies. Learn more about becoming a food allergy advocate and watch this page for updates on ways you can raise awareness about this issue.