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Single Ingredient Chicken Broth

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Recipe Created By: Debbie Becica


3 chicken breasts (halves)
6 cups water
sea salt to taste (optional)


Put the chicken, water and sea salt in a crock pot. Cook for 10-12 hours on low setting. It's as simple as that. Add any additional ingredients that your child may be able to tolerate (i.e. rice, vegetables, etc).


This is great for a chicken food trial, or for those who are allergic to many of the other ingredients that are usually in soups. You could also use the broth and the chicken can be eaten separately.

My son (who has EE) loves this after his endoscopies. We take some with us to the hospital and he begs for it when he comes out of anesthesia.


We usually use boneless/skinless breasts, but you could use either.

I'm sure turkey could be substituted for the chicken.