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Grilled Tortilla Wraps

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Recipe Created By: Sara Atkins


1-1.5 lb meat of your choice
to taste spices
1/3 cup oil
12 4 inch flour or corn tortillas
1/4 cup Tofutti® Better Than Sour Cream (optional)
1/4-1/2 cup salsa (optional)
mixed vegetables of choice
2 zucchini
3 red peppers
1 whole onion
24 pieces asparagus


For a tasting menu you should prepare 2 per person. The recipe is written for 12 wraps (serving 6). Some people will use only vegetables and just cut out the meat, some will use more meat, some less. This is an about for measuring.

For a 4 inch tortilla you need 1.5-2oz of meat and for every extra inch added to the tortilla you need about half an oz of meat.

For 8-12 inch tortillas, double the recipe.

You can use any meat which is safe for your family. Any will be good in this recipe. Try to use bigger pieces of meat like a pork loin, London broil, turkey breast on the bone, etc. Take a ziplock bag and put the meat in it. Sprinkle in the spices that are safe for you. We like salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Italian spice. Salt and pepper work wonderfully and honestly, it still tasted great with none of the spices with the smoky grill flavor. Add in oil that is safe for you, enough that it will coat the meat. Leave it in the fridge for a bit. If you are in a rush you can put it right on the grill but the longer it sits the more flavorful it will become.

Prepare your vegetables. We like to use onions, red peppers, and zucchinis. We have even thrown in asparagus! Cut the onions in med circles, the peppers in strips, etc... throw them all in a bag as well with the oil and spices, close and toss.

Put your tortilla wraps in foil in a big stack. You can use corn or flour or any other options you have. I have heard of gluten free ones recently!

Light your grill and when the grill is hot enough, put your meat on. You want to let the meat get nice and cooked. When it is done in the middle take it off and put it to the side. Let it sit so the juice can redistribute throughout and you will get a juicier piece of meat. If you cut it to early you will have dry meat. If you can let it sit a good 15-20 minutes it's best.

Grill your veggies till done. Heat up the tortillas on the grill in the packet of foil before serving.

Cut the meat in strips and put on a serving platter. Put all condiments in bowls around the meat and let everyone build their own tortillas. My family likes to have some Tofutti ® soy sour cream on theirs and my husband loves to throw some salsa on as well.


Recipe Showdown Fundraiser 2008

I came up with this recipe recently because the kids were tired of the same old grilled meat and veggies. I was looking through our fridge to see what we had to add a new twist and saw the tortillas sitting right there calling to me.

My kids can't get enough of these and my husband loves that there is no fighting when I make this because everyone can put whatever they want into the tortilla or eat the meat and veggies with no tortilla. One of our children eats the meat on the side and makes a Tofutti™ sour cream tortilla!

Its great for groups because you can make many choices in vegetables, meats, and everyone gets a bite of their favorites.


To make this dish wheat and gluten-free, use gluten-free tortillas. To make this dish soy-free, omit the soy sour cream. To make this dish corn-free, use corn-free tortillas and omit the soy sour cream.
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